The Akileine foot care products

Akileine manufacturer a wide range of skin creams for dry skin, cracked skin, peeling skin and for conditions like chilblains. Advertisement: I get commissions for purchases made through links on t

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Archies Footwear

The Archies footwear are a brand of flip flops from Australia, where they call flip flops, things. The Archies are becoming very popular and selling well in physiotherapy and podiatry clinics in Au

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bunion correctors

Do bunion correctors help bunions?

These bunion correctors are braces which you wear on the bunion to try and correct a bunion overnight. Bunions are caused by the forces coming from the poorly fitted shoes during the day, so it is

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Apos Therapy

Apos Therapy is the use of footwear that is unstable and calibrated to each indivudul. The aim is to give the muscles of the lower limb a ‘workout’ to retrain the way people work. The s

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How to treat chilblains?

Chilblains on the feet are a fairly common disorder of the feet in colder climates which can be quite painful. They are due to alterations in the temperature of the feet from being cold to warmer t

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achilles rupture

Ruptures of the Achilles Tendon

Ruptures of the Achilles tendon are rather dramatic when they occur. There may be a snap that you can hear at the back of the leg. There are videos of it occurring on YouTube and most often it occu

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