Foot Creams with Urea

The foot creams and lotions which have urea in them are among the most beneficial to deal with a range of skin conditions that can affect feet in which the skin is dry. Scientific research has show

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gel heel protectors

Gel Protectors for the Heel

The silicone gel heel protectors are a useful way to deal with the cracked and dry skin that can be common around the heel area. The silicone gel heel protector on its own provides some moisture, b

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foot filer

Foot Filers

Foot Filers are a tool that consumers may use to reduce any thick and had skin on the foot, especially if that hard skin is cracked around the heel. Foot filers are a reasonably effective method yo

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Cracked heels

What are cracked heels?

Cracked heels are a common problem around the edges of the heel where the skin splits and it may become painful and even get infected. They usually happen when the callused skin around that area be

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