bunion surgery

Bunion Surgery

Bunions on the feet are a very common problem, especially in females. There is only one way to get rid of them properly and that is with bunion surgery. Braces like the Bunion Assassin and Bunion C

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foam roller

Foam Rollers for Foot Pain

Foam rollers are widely used to treat a wide range of muscle and pain syndrome problems that can affect the body and can be useful for foot problems. Plantar fasciitis is a common problem that typi

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cluffy wedge

Using the Cluffy Wedge

A Cluffy wedge was designed by a Podiatrist initially is an add-on to the front edge of a foot orthotic to help problems with the big toe joint of the foot. A Cluffy wedge can also be purchased as

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Apos Therapy

Apos Therapy is the use of footwear that is unstable and calibrated to each indivudul. The aim is to give the muscles of the lower limb a ‘workout’ to retrain the way people work. The s

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