Using the Fix Toe for Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is fairly common cause of pain under the ball of the foot and can be due to many different ccondtions such as stress fractures, bursitis or plantar plate tears. Strapping or taping is

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Carbon fibre plate

The carbon fibre plates are rigid insoles that are design to stiffen the sole of the foot so that there is less movement. This is useful for a number of conditions such as osteoarthritis of the big

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bunion assassian

The Bunion Assassin

The Bunion Assassin is an effective brace that you wear to help with the alignment of the big toe and to help with pain in the big toe joint. The Bunion Assassin is usually worn during the day in s

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podiatry felt

Podiatry Felt

Podiatry felt is a thick padding material with a self adhesive back so that it can used to make pads to off-load the pressure off painful areas of the foot. Advertisement: I get commissions for pur

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toe foams

Toe Foams to protect the toes

The Toe foams are made from a soft polyurethane foam that is commonly used to help a range of problems that can affect the toes on the feet. The big toe foams can come in several different widths d

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bunion correctors

Do bunion correctors help bunions?

These bunion correctors are braces which you wear on the bunion to try and correct a bunion overnight. Bunions are caused by the forces coming from the poorly fitted shoes during the day, so it is

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